Monday, March 29, 2010

Moving long long last

Clair Wolfe Jewellery will be moving in the next week and will be off line and only contactable by mobile. All emails, sales and anything else internet related will be responded too once the move is complete.

Packing up the work room has been a massive chore in itself! Looking forward to setting up the new one though, and I do promise to keep it as tidy and as organised as my creative brain allows.

All magazine articles have been submitted, all customers have their orders on the way to them. back to my very long list of things to do between now and then!!!!
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First of my new projects....Beads Direct.

Fluorite and silver earrings
Fluorite and silver tube, stretch bracelet

Fluorite and long silver tube and spacer necklace

Long Silver ring cluster necklace.


Well this is a little project I am doing along side Beads Direct
They sent be a wonderful package of beads...and let me go wild with them..
Fluorite is one of my favorite semi precious beads, I love the green purple combination, a hot colour combination for this season too!.. Take a look at their fabulous Semi Precious section

I have managed to grab an hour to create today, and have made a start on making a dent in the beads. There will be more makes along with a step by step project, hopfully ready to blog early next week.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Making Jewellery Magazine Issue 13

9 Step Earring Turtorial.

Issue 13 is finally here, I find having to wait a month between issues to be about 2 weeks too long!!!

I have three articles in this edition, a step by step tutorial, a section in the Tool supplement, on behalf of Cooksons Gold, and my first Tool of the Month page. (I also have a little spot on the 49 tips page).

The earrings in this months edition were created on behalf of Palmer Metals. They are understated glamour, and rather different to my usual style of work.

The new page that I have taken over for the next few issues, The Tool of the Month, is turning out to be a very enjoyable page to write. I am getting to review a multitude of jewellery making tools. Keep a look out for future issues, featuring pliers, hammers, and various wire tools.

I also have been asked to be involved in several exciting project in the coming months....will keep you posted!.