Thursday, June 11, 2009

.....and just a few more of yesterdays creations.

New Makes, now I have to decide what to keep!

I had a rather nice commission order to create yesterday, the lady in question is off to Ascot for ladies day. Whilst busy making her jewellery I managed to knock a few more out beside......a thoroughly creative day in all!

I expect at least one pair of earring will stay with me......but which ones???

Monday, June 08, 2009

A few more of my holiday snaps...

I can not wait to return to France and am already considering my retirement there.....although that is a few years off yet!

Ma Nouvelle Maison fran├žaise dans Grande Madieu. ...Heaven

A week in rural France, was just what I needed to recharge my creative batteries. A week of sun, baguette's, cheese, and my wonderful family. As with my life in general, it was far from boring, what with a snake attack (OK I may be being slightly dramatic) a poor frightened snake (possibly grass, possibly a aesculapian snake) tried to cross mine and my daughters path....not sure who was more frightened!!
I also had a cheeky capuchin monkey pull my hair at, a naughty spider monkey also tried very hard to pee on my daughter. Needless to say we had many laughs, a few tears and a thoroughly wonderful time. The adventure did not end on our arrival home, where I found out my credit card has been used in Spain and some one thought they would take over £4000.......hopefully the nice people at the credit card company will sort this out in the next week or so.
So now back to school runs, rain and house work, also back into my work room, where I hope to use all my french inspiration and create some goodies over the next few weeks.