Thursday, October 22, 2009

I have been busy...

....infact I seem to have been far too busy to post for a while.
I have got new branded boxes on the way, in preparation for my Christmas fairs. I have plenty of stock made, I have three articles being published and been commissioned to write a couple more. My book now has the first two chapters completed.....and I am bursting with new design ideas. SO yes I guess I have been too busy to post.
I am really looking forward to Halloween and have been sorting my costume...just need to make a couple of bits to complete it.
Have a jewellery party booked for tomorrow, another chnce to have some girly chat...tea for me wine and pain killers like last week. (yes i was that stupid, did not realise my mistake until I had a second glass of vino and wondered why I felt so drunk)

I have also celebrated my 34th birthday this month, and got rather spoilt with a weekend away with my inlaws. Lucky to have such special ones!!!

Ready now to face the next few weeks, and be ready for the party season.

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