Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Raglan Earings Step by Step

Raglan Earrings.
These are a variation of a pair of earring inspired by a visit to Raglan Castle.
They are incredibly easy to make in only a few steps, they are however very comfortable to wear and will be noticed.

A length of Antiqued copper chain (I have used one with open links so ther is no need for jump rings).
A selection of beads of your choosing.
2 x head pins
2 x eye pins
2x earwires (bought or handmade)

Round nose, flat nose & needle nose pliers
Wire cutters/snips.

Step 1.

Thread chosen beads onto head pin, using round nose pliers create a loop and wind reaining wire around, making sure this is pushed in neatly with the needle nose pliers. Reapeat with second head pin.

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